Keystone K1020 SLR

Keystone K1020 SLR

This camera has, over the years, seen some rough times. He took a fall, got a bit of surface corrosion, became disillusioned … not the bright shiny optimist of his youth (above).

These are all of the images from a roll of Verichrome Pan that expired in 1983. Though I used the film in 2004 you really wouldn’t know it. Phillip Arney sent me this camera along with that cartridge of expired 126 film.¬†35mm film is pretty easy to reload into a 126 film cartridge. Click here for a YouTube how to vid. The camera arrived with filthy battery terminal contacts. Once these were cleaned, I placed two “N” size batteries in the compartment and the meter fired right up! F stops are set automatically in this camera. The camera also uses flash cubes. Once a flash cube is placed on the camera, as you turn the focus ring, the f stop automatically adjusts itself. Pretty cool, huh? Since it’s an SLR, it’s gives a great “kerchunk” when the shutter is released. That mirror swinging up surely makes its presence known. This Keystone is an all metal camera and has a good heft to it. A few shots from that “Super Keytar” 2.8 :

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