Marcy’s Deluxe FryCam

Marcy’s Deluxe FryCam


I was getting ready for a trip to the desert southwest. What to bring … what to bring … what to bring… I had to ask myself the question WWAD? [What Would Ansel Do?] Why, he’d bring the Deluxe Fry Cam, of course!

    Mama always said photography was a “Would you like fries with that?” profession. The Fry Cam has a wide-ish angle to it and a clear, easy to view through, viewfinder. The shutter is released by squeezing the camera. There’s no shutter button on top. This takes a little getting used to, but you won’t find yourself looking for a top release button due to all of those friggin’ fries. It even says, “Smile” on the front, so your subjects won’t forget what to do. The Deluxe Fry Cam accepts 35 mm film. No cheesey (get it? “cheesey”?) 110 cartridges here.

    Clear pictures. Nice color. The only beef I got with this camera is that the fries don’t really look like fries. I mean, they’ve sort of got that Velveeta / polymer look to ’em.


Washburn State Park, Oregon


Washburn State Park, Oregon


Picacho, Arizona

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  1. Don Iannucci

    Do you know where I can buy this camera?


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