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Marcy's Victoria's Secret Camera Review:

I found this camera at a Goodwill store in Kentucky. It had a roll of exposed C41 in it. I swear these are photos of the women of Victoria's Secret!

Looks like someone had opened the back about 100 times. There were scary bits and pieces on the film.

This is about the shittiest camera...grainy yucky plastic lens. No flash... nothing. Here's what I took:

Virginia now uses numbers instead of names for their roads...


...and this couple wonders why their B&B never made it?

Kayaks at Fairystone State Park, VA

Canoes at Fairystone State Park


BOATS at Fairystone State Park

Roanoke, VA



HOWEVER, it'll make the best pinhole camera! The lens cover opens when the shutter button is depressed, al a the King's Cigarette Camera. See?...

Lens cover shut.

Press the button...lens cover open.

So, I did it and here are the results...


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