The universe has thrown me a curve ball and I had to cancel our trip to Europe due to a health glitch. Meanwhile, the sun and the moon have conspired to present a total solar eclipse in my back-fucking-yard and that is one get-well card you do not ignore. Besides, in a rare moment of brilliance, I’d purchased trip insurance! I didn’t even remember doing it. Anyway, reimbursement has been requested. Thanks, Iceland Air for the reply (in Icelandic). Something about 4-6 weeks. Trips can wait – I was gonna miss the big eclipse. Now … I’m not. (Who plans to be away while the sun and moon are trying to upstage each other almost directly over your rooftop?) Seriously, we’re going to see it here first, USA. I saw a thing that suggested I follow the coverage on CNN. Right.

Back to my summer. It’s been a variety of photo shoots, quirky weddings …

AND, of course, #formalwearworninappropriately  !

The reason I’m most often the model in my photos is because I’m usually around when I’m available.

I’ve been wanting to do more burning gown shoots and I think this eclipse is just the hot ticket! (Though I’m awfully busy, searching for the perfect Eclipse Gown.) We went and scoped out a spot today. If you’re interested in joining us hit me up, worthy friend. There will be sparks! or text me (360)267-1036. I have a certain text message I’ve been trying to get to go lower and lower on my screen so I don’t have to look at it anymore – you’d be doing me a favor. Thanks!

Small monkey wrench in the cogs – weather. Fingers crossed.

Setting up my short list of Eclipse-worthy cameras as well. Jimmy Neutron? Diana? The Nikon D700.

My next post will be about the health issue. No big deal. I’m OKAY!