April is slam-packed with camera holidays and two of my favorites are: The PSPCS Camera Sale & Swap and Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.


A Mickey Mouse camera and me at the camera show.

Mickey and me at the camera show.

The camera show happened on the 13th. Always, ALWAYS an exciting experience! The smell of dust and Bakelite … the clicking of shutters and whirring of self timers. Absolutely thrilling!  I’ve volunteered to work the show the past few years. What this gets me is free, early, admission and a gift certificate for $25 to spend at any table. They tend to put me at the club sales tables. The Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Society – otherwise known as the PSPCS or “the club” accepts donations of photographica during the year, then sells the gear at the show. This means I get to be one of the first people to dig through the goods. (Yay me!)

A couple of young collectors, wowed by zoom lens.


Robert Dobson, shown here with his long list of “wants” and just a dollar to spend, introduced me to Jamie. Jamie was there to work the tables and we got along swimmingly. I knew things would work out the second I heard her squeal, “IS THAT GREEN?!?” when opening a box of 126 instamatic cameras.

Jamie and a movie camera she couldn’t live without.

I remember in the 1980s when this show was absolutely packed. Nearly all of the sellers and most of the buyers were men. Sellers would treat me like I was just a girl some guy had brought along with the promise of a free lunch. Today, there are many women buying AND selling. New stuff this year: There were more vendors purchasing used gear from attendees. KEH Camera was there, buying. The Shot On Film store was there selling film. I missed Bob Kelly this year.

Start them young. Freebies under the table.


So much fun!


What exactly IS this graphic on a McDonald’s Happy Meal Camera?


People tend to give me cameras. “I know you’ll do something great with it!”

Here are some of my cool acquisitions:

The camera slides into the little gloved hands and stands on two feet. Like, a crazy plastic tripod. WOW!

World’s Fair Flash Camera. 1964 – 1965

Do you hear the cottonwoods whispering above? A Tammy Camera!

It’s not an Argus knock-off. (It’s an Argus knock-off.)

“To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real.” – Winston Churchill

Going Kamping in June!

I know it says Canon, but still. It’s a belt buckle and I’m a sucker.

This is a gift for the Westport Aquarium folks who are hosting this year’s WPPD. But don’t tell them because it’s a surprise.

Appears to work except the little switch on the front won’t budge. Hmm …

And then THIS! My friend Phil Arny gave it to me. A lovely handmade pinhole camera which I plan to use on Sunday, which is WPPD.

Sunday, the 28th, is the Pinhole Holiday. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – or WPPD for short. There’s a group of us gathering at the Westport Aquarium . Come visit us starting at 10AM. It’s an informal gathering of pinhole enthusiasts. We’ll have lunch / dinner afterward – it may involve beer. I’m hoping Marc Myrsell will play his accordion for us. For more info on WPPD visit the Pinhole Day Website.