Ansco Rediflex

  I spent a whopping eight bucks on this camera at a junk store in Raymond,WA. I even referred to the store as an antique store in front of the owner and she said ,”No, this is a bunch of junk.” There was film already in the camera. The photo of the boat on the dock that appears here is the only discernable image that was taken prior to my purchase of the camera. Between that and the photos I took are a bunch of shots that prove the folks who took them didn’t know how to correctly advance film…either that or they’re photos of an alien autopsy. The film I removed from this camera says merely “Panchromatic film”. The backing paper is somewhat purple. Most of the emulsion had stuck to the non-emulsion side of the film. It was very old and had been so tightly rolled for so long that I believe our humidity kind of glued it all together. I could feel the pebbly emulsion on the wrong side of the film while I was loading the film onto the reel in the darkroom. Okay, so, anyway, here is this image of a boat on a dock. I didn’t take it. Suppose it turns out to be the boat that Jimmy Hoffa’s body was transferred to before it was sent to the bottom of some generic lake in Michigan?

Jimmy Hoffa

A few shots I took on the crumbly emulsion:

Through the Rediflex viewfinder: Hawkeye in the studio – bored.

Me, the Rediflex and Jimmy Hoffa’s foot.

Here’s a link to my how-to respool 120 film to a 620 spool video.

McKeown’s PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAMERAS states: “c1950. Plastic twin-lens camera, 6x6cm on 620 film. $12-20.”


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January 16, 2017

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