The Arrow is one of Diana’s many sisters. Her aim is a bit off, as the area of focus is somewhat ring-shaped and circles around the central spot on the frame. I’ve put a few rolls through her and they seem to glide through without a problem. There are quite a few light leaks – not that that matters. Here’s a funny thing – the lens is focusable, but the lens ring has no focus scale. The instruction manual neglects to mention that the lens should be focused before exposing the image. I mean, they simply cut that part out. An oversight at the factory? There’s still a little pointer (an arrow?). But it has nothing to point to. So, like, what if you were shooting something important like a wedding or the birth of a nearly extinct animal species at a special zoo, or something? If you didn’t know you’re supposed to focus your Arrow, all your shots would be messed up.


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February 7, 2017

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