Brownie Number 2A Model C

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I bought this Brownie box camera in a town named Bow. It was at one of those junk stores that are like how junk stores used to be. Crammed with funky, interesting junk at decent prices for funky, interesting junk. This camera was five bucks. The back latch was broken. What intrigued me  was that it had film in it (size 116). I LOVE found film – especially exposed film! Verichrome Pan. Doesn’t it seem as though all these old cameras that contain old film have Verichrome Pan? Or a film that has no brand name that simply says “Panchromatic film”?

This Brownie #2A Model C has top and side viewfinders, a lever on the top that, when pulled out, changes the lens opening (sunny / cloudy), and another lever on the top that is for the “b” setting. On the bottom and side it has holes for a tripod screw thread. The back of the camera was once held shut with a piece of surgical tape.


Brownie2FilmSo, anyway, I processed the film. I really, really wanted to stick captions into these photos. Especially the one where that woman is mesmerized by the telephone pole growing out of that guy’s butt. But, I decided they would detract from the beauty of  photos taken on a road trip long ago. I suspect someone bumped the camera while getting out of the car. That would explain the fuzzy dashboard shot.



Sample Images


Found film!

Check out my Box Camera Basics page for tips on film loading, etc.


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August 12, 2016

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