Canon FT QL


It’s a Canon Ft QL.

A client of mine said, “I know you like cameras. I’ve got a Minolta I want you to have.” Then she handed me a Canon FT. I’ve always been a Nikon girl, but what am I gonna do? I gave her a polite thank-you, deciding that I’d discretely throw it out later. Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that. Anyway, it sat on my shelf for a couple of months before I decided to find it a good home through eBay. In the midst of taking the above photos, I opened the back – there was film in it. I slapped the back shut. Dang it! I ALWAYS check for film. Why didn’t I do that with this camera? In the hopes of finding some long lost family photos for my friend, I finished off the roll myself, then had the film processed. What did I find? Well, the film was a cheap-o store brand and just about a million years old, so it was cloudy. That and the fact that I opened the back in the middle of the roll didn’t help. The previously exposed film had a buxom woman cavorting naked in a swimming pool. The woman in the pictures isn’t the woman who gave me the camera. Now, did she tell me this was her husband’s camera? Her father’s? I can’t remember. Rather than reveal to her these long lost family photos, I decided to simply keep my mouth shut.

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May 30, 2018

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