Imperial Lark 127


  We have tidal rivers around here and there’s this thing I do. On a low tide, I go down to the river’s edge and find things. Things left behind by long dead people. Beachcombing is fun, but this river thing … it’s addicting. One day, I found out that traipsing along the river’s edge is actually a THING. In London, folks scrounge in the mud along the river Thames. They call it “mudlarking”. Well, I don’t have to go as far as London to mudlark. I’m finding wonderful things right here in my own county! (I wrote a blog post about it, if you care to have a look-see.) On a whim – or a Lark, shall we say? – I brought along my Imperial Lark 127. It was loaded with some expired Bluefire Murano (cut and respooled Kodak Portra VC). Carefree and happy as a lark, the camera performed well. I believe the light leaks already existed on the film due to the plastic spools.

At any rate, the camera is mid-century-modern-cute, and my 8 piece flash camera kit remains top shelf worthy. It has a little lever marked  “color” and “B&W” which simply changes the aperture.

Herbert George … he’s always willing to accompany me on a mudLARKing adventure!



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