Keystone K1020 SLR


This camera has, over the years, seen some rough times. He took a fall, got a bit of surface corrosion, became disillusioned … not the bright shiny optimist of his youth (above).

These are all of the images from a roll of Verichrome Pan that expired in 1983. Though I used the film in 2004 you really wouldn’t know it. Phillip Arney sent me this camera along with that cartridge of expired 126 film. 35mm film is pretty easy to reload into a 126 film cartridge. Click here for a YouTube how to vid. The camera arrived with filthy battery terminal contacts. Once these were cleaned, I placed two “N” size batteries in the compartment and the meter fired right up! F stops are set automatically in this camera. The camera also uses flash cubes. Once a flash cube is placed on the camera, as you turn the focus ring, the f stop automatically adjusts itself. Pretty cool, huh? Since it’s an SLR, it’s gives a great “kerchunk” when the shutter is released. That mirror swinging up surely makes its presence known. This Keystone is an all metal camera and has a good heft to it. A few shots from that “Super Keytar” 2.8 :


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February 25, 2018

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