KOA Happy Camper Kamera

The KOA Kamera

I believe I pikked this kamera up at a Puget Sound Photographik kollector’s sokiety camera show in Kent, Wa. If you volunteer to work the club table at the event, you get to come early. You also get a $25 certificate to spend at any table. You get first dibs on anything that was donated to the club for the sale. You also don’t have to work very hard.  It’s fun to see the stacks of photographic stuff they have for sale. (However, they need better food options during lunch.) My camera-dealer friends always have something cool they need to unload – I mean … give to me. This Kamera was one of those kool things. “A quality single-use camera perfect for all occasions.”


How kould I do a KOA Kamera review without kamping at a KOA?


I used this kamera for well… forever. I finally realized that I’d been using this kamera for forever. Like, something was awry. The film totally acted like it was advancing and the shutter clicked, but I highly doubted this kamera had any more to give. I took WAY more pictures than I actually took. It just sort of didn’t take pictures any more. It became like a zombie camera (kamera). It was going through the motions, but it was dead. I decided it was time to smash its head and delve into its guts. 400 speed, super grainy, whatever film.

Next time I kamp, I might splurge on one of these disposables with a flash? Nights in the tent can be scary!



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December 9, 2022

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