Kodak Bullet

My Kodak Bullet camera review:

This about sums it up.


The state of this lens can only be described as wince-inducing.

I truly love the 127 film format. I always have. This camera takes surprisingly large (and kinda surprisingly clear) images on 127 roll film. I’m thinking that lens wasn’t quite locked into place. Hence, the crooked frame.

Click on any image for a larger view:


A MUCH better specimen. Bakelite hits those olfactory cells just so, doesn’t it? Gives me visions of muddy black and white negatives with lo-fi, unfussy images.


Lens extended.


Lens contracted. This camera has a great feel to it and is fun to mess with.


So what am I going to do with the wince-inducing model?  …

Gala-fy it! But I need to start with a glittery background first.

Really. How badly can I f it up? Really.

Stay tuned for the finished product!

McKeown’s Price Guide To Antique and Classic Cameras 12th Edition 2005-2006 states, “1936-42 A simple torpedo-shaped camera. Fixed-focus lens in a spiral-threaded telescoping mount. Made with and without metal reinforcement at camera back retainer, in viewfinder finish, shutter release design, and interior film retainer. Common, inexpensive, yet novel. $12-20.”


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December 22, 2020