Kodak Duex


snq_0588The 27 page (!) instruction booklet says the camera accepts 620 film. I trimmed down a 120 spool and got 16 images per roll. Very Kodak Bullet-like, in that it has a helical-telescoping front. (Them’s fancy words for – the front screws out.) If you forget to unscrew the lens to make it pop out, you can’t actuate the shutter button. It’s made of metal and plastic and there are “I” and “b” settings. There’s also a tripod mount. The 27 page instruction booklet has a bunch of “bushwa” (Douglas St. Denny’s word) about flash settings. Mostly distances, since there really aren’t any settings on this camera. The Duex was manufactured from 1940 – 42.

A few sample images:

Well, that 27 page instruction manual isn’t going to read itself. Gotta head for the readin’ room!



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January 8, 2017

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