Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese Camera



Kraft Velveeta and Shells Dinner Camera:   Oh 110 film! Now, you can definitely call this little cutie “cheesy”! The color is YELLOW. Not just any yellow, but Velveeta yellow. The camera body probably has fewer polymers in it than an actual chunk of Velveeta. I’ve had two of these Shells & Cheese Dinner camera bodies. The second one performed better than the first. There’s a little bit of light leakage on some frames. Or maybe that just some ooey gooey melty-ness oozing its way into the frame? These little plastic 110s have hella parallax. I grew up in an era filled with parallax problems, so I’m accustomed to accommodating for it. I used to really dislike the 110 format, but these shots scream 1975 … though they were taken just last year. The perfect subject. A zombie sealion. Seriously. This guy was out in the middle of nowhere on the beach. I saw him once. One day! Then he was gone. He had been branded and was about as weirdly preserved as any animal I’ve ever seen. I was so glad I had this wonderful camera with me!


EPSON scanner image


EPSON scanner image

I decided to fulfill my fantasy to become a photographer’s food stylist.

Casserole in Tupperware with banana and brick candle holder.

Casserole in Tupperware with banana and brick candle holder.

Hey! What cheese is made backwards?     EDAM!


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January 4, 2017

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