Mark XII

I found this Imperial Mark XII camera on eBay. The year was 2000. It had film in it. This camera accepts 620 film and the film that was inside had been exposed oh way back when. I processed the roll and … well… I really don’t have much to say about that.

Fast forward 18 years. I used this camera’s image as inspiration for a new home page image. I also use it on my Junk Store Cameras Facebook page. Ashley asked, “Do you have any images from the camera used as your profile picture?” This sent me on a quest to find any negs I might have made using this camera. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve never actually used this camera. I took the question as a challenge. I took that camera off the shelf and gave her a good “c-l-a” (though there wasn’t much to “a”. Ok, there was nothing to “a”.).  I ran a roll of Fujicolor 400 print film through her.

Got to admit, I do like the mid century modern lines.

They come in quite an array of colors.

Here’s a link to a video about how to re-spool 120 film onto a 620 spool.


  1. Robert Dobson

    Only one word can describe these cameras…FABULOUS !

  2. Kenny Harrelson

    The rear lens of the viewfinder is missing on mine, so it makes it kinda difficult to use. But, that never stops one, does it?

    • Marcy Merrill

      Kenny: We simply MUST persevere. Do not let the camera’s shortcomings hinder you. Ha! Seriously though, I doubt the viewfinder is all that precise anyway.

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