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Manufactured in Chicago, this small plastic camera is only 1″ thick, just over 4 inches long and, including the viewfinder, is 3″ high. I don’t remember where I got it, but I think it was something like 49 cents. The shutter has a time setting. This camera uses 127 film, which it refers to as “Vest Pocket” film. the two gaping holes in the back were once covered with amber or red plastic. I covered them with some safelight material. The clips that keep the back on don’t actually unclip. You just have to pull as hard as you can until the back pops off. On the front, right next to the lens, it says “50 mm”. The camera’s only accessory is a lovely leatherette case. About the two holes on the back; Sure, they’re to view the film numbers. What you’re supposed to do is wind the image number into the first hole, take the picture, then wind the same image number into the second hole and take another picture. That way, you get two exposures on one frame. Only problem is, this technique results in overlapped images (which isn’t all bad). I think I’m supposed to get 16 exposures per roll. They’re about 1 5/16″ wide and 1 11/16″ tall. The image number that is imbedded in the film gets into the image area.  The negatives are an interesting shape and the cheezy plastic lens gives a perfect edge distortion. About every third roll, this camera does something really cool. It will distort some of the images wildly. I’m not sure whether the film binds up a little, or maybe I’m just squeezing it too hard? Some examples of this distortion are shown below.



I made a video on youtube about hand tinting. I used this image as an example. You can click on it and watch the video.


Playing the role of PHOTO MASTER.



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February 5, 2017

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