Polaroid SX-70

My Gala Edition SX70. Embellished with glass beads.



The one on the left is a Model 2, purchased by me in the 70’s. It was brand new. I think I paid about $100. Whatever has happened to it? I know not. The one on the right was $2 at a yard sale.

My history with Polaroid goes like this:

The 60’s: My brother got a Polaroid camera. You had to use a tube of some sort of noxious chemical … and rollers, or brushes or something. But it was totally cool to have [nearly] immediate gratification.

The 70’s: I lusted after an SX70 – and finally purchased a Model 2, brand new.

The 80’s: What ever-lovin’ Gen W-er didn’t have a Polaroid or two of their girlfriend’s / boyfriends / or passing acquaintance’s nether regions stashed away in their sock drawer?

The 90’s : Nearly no one thought of Polaroid.  But Polaroids were the staple of any office file cabinet storage drawer. But there was also a brief affair with the Polaroid transfer. I remember attending a workshop and making a transfer. Then … nothing.

The 2000’s : Polaroid discontinued instant film production. You couldn’t pay someone to take that Polaroid camera off your hands.

The 2000-somethings: The Impossible Project started knocking the cobwebs off of the Polaroid name.

2015’s or so: The Polaroid Originals appeared. Selling black and white Polaroid film for a tidy mint (with two fewer prints per pack, no less).

And in 2020: I poked around the Polaroid.com website and found refurbished SX70s selling for $386.00 … WHAT? Let me revisit my stash…


Taken with an SX70 Model 2.

Another SX-70 that poked it’s head around a corner, “Here I am.” Another addition to the misfits. Where it came from? no one knows.

There’s some cool info on the ‘net regarding re-loading SX-70 film packs with exposed prints, strictly for testing cameras. So, I did that. The results?  ….Drumroll….

It’s my lucky day!

Then there’s this next model:

From the Polaroid Model 2 … oh way back when.



Analog Things on YouTube has some great videos on SX70 image manipulation, etc.


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April 23, 2020

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