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snq_0606Clevenger’s Junk Store (actually I think they used the word “Antiques”) in Aberdeen used to be the kind of junk store where you could buy cheap tools, Army surplus, a case of those frogs that “rivit” when you walk by, used file cabinets, antique replica furniture and ‘homemade’ fudge. Halfway toward the back of the store, there was a pile of junk cameras. One day I found this Reliance Camera for $3.50. I really should use it more often as I’ve found that it’s a Diana clone I can really RELY on. (See what I did there? Rely?)

The camera has a “Super lens Model 711”. Doesn’t that sound lucky? It gives a really diffuse glow to the whites. The camera takes 16 square images on 120 film. I notice there’s no ratchety sound and the film winds really loose. But I’m sort of under the impression that that’s the way it was made.

Reliance: n. confidence, trust, hope see FAITH.

I took it outside for my daily workout. Handstands under the blue sky … wispy little clouds floating along … and me, testing my reliance – my confidence in the camera.


Balancing on my Reliance, a handstand under the clouds.


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January 9, 2017


  1. Ken

    I’ve been trying to find anything about this camera. Do you know anything about the history of it? Who made them?

    • Marcy Merrill

      Hi Ken: I do not know much about the manufacturer of this particular camera other than it’s one of many Diana-type cameras. -Marcy


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