Image Fusion!  I bought this camera a while back at Archie McPhee’s. It’s supposed to be able to meld two images together. It has these little sliding black doors across the lens and viewfinder. You close both sliding doors. You advance the film (35mm). You open one door (top or bottom) on both the lens and viewfinder. You take the first picture. You advance the film (which merely cocks the shutter, the second time around). You close the sliding doors that were open and open the doors that were shut. Take another photo (on the same film frame). You get the idea? The viewfinder has cross hairs to help you line up your compositions.

The sliders.

I found it easy to forget exactly where I was in the sequence of film advancing, opening and closing sliders. Which sliders had already been opened? “Am I on the first exposure of this frame? Hmm….”

Heidi was always a willing model. Almost always, anyway.


This is one frame exposed twice, with only one door open during one exposure. Just to give you an idea …

The other half, exposed upside-down with only one door open.

Two exposures of the same clothesline, one right-side-up, one upside-down. On the same frame.


The example of the dog’s head on a human body. I tried it – only on the peeing alien’s body. Either I forgot to close a slider, or they overlapped anyway. When the instructions said to use this camera on a sunny day, they MEANT a SUNNY day!

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of actual technology involved in that “image fusion technology”.



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January 22, 2022

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