Transparent Camera

You have to work to get the panorama insert out, but it is removable.

I found this camera at a Value Village in Tacoma. The price tag said 99 cents but it was half price day so I got it for $.50. I know, I got screwed out of a half a penny. There was a roll of film inside and I’m such a sucker for exposed film. Okay … here’s where the evil mystery begins … I had the film processed. The first thing I noticed was that it had a fog to it. An eerie, unnatural fog. Maybe even other-worldly? The lens looks so clear. THEN I noticed that the camera has a panoramic insert. The film wasn’t exposed as panoramic. Who would: 1.) decide to donate their camera to charity. 2.) remember that they left the panoramic insert out, then replace it. 3.) not notice that there’s an exposed roll of film inside when they replaced the insert? It gets weirder. As I’m scanning the images (anyone else would have noticed this much sooner), I realize that these images were created with a flash. There’s no built-in flash on this camera and no provision for external flash.  Maybe that eerie glow is due to demonic interference from beyond our realm? With my wooden stake of photographic knowledge plunging deeper into the heart of this matter, I submit that this particular roll of film wasn’t exposed inside the camera in which is was found.


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March 1, 2018

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